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In some fields, having a double major on your resume can give you a leg up on the competition and offer the potential to earn a higher salary. But this isn't true for all fields — some employers may not notice or care that you took the time to double major. Not everyone agrees on the value of a double major. While some colleges encourage students to pursue two majors, others actively discourage it. Some students believe double majoring was the best decision they ever made, whereas others wish they would have concentrated on just one field.

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A double major, or dual major, in college or university is the completion of two-degree specialization requirements, while only receiving one degree. Attaining a double major in college requires additional focus and academic credit to qualify for both specializations. By pursuing a double major, students will need to satisfactorily meet both degree requirements. These requirements can be intimately related or distinct from one-another, depending on the two majors of choice.

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To double major or not? It's a question facing many college students. While pursuing two degrees at one time sounds like an efficient way to get school out of the way, it does mean more work and a tighter schedule.
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